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Get the advantage of what a pressure washer with steam cleaner can provide

At Daimer you can be guaranteed you’ll be getting the best power washer built right here in the USA! Now take advantage of what a pressure washer with steam cleaner can provide you when you need to take care of baked on oil and grease, on any type of surface. One of the pressure washer with steam is the SUPER MAX 6000® Commercial / Industrial Grade. Right now if you purchase, you can receive an additional 28% off the retail cost. If purchasing isn’t in your budget and need to take care of some major cleaning we offer leasing options to our customers as well. For a very low monthly price you can get your hands on the most powerful pressure washer with steam cleaner made in the USA! Cleaning with hot water is more effective than cleaning with cold and especially when dealing with oil and grease.

When you purchase or lease any power washer from Daimer you’ll be getting one that is

  •       Durable
  •          Powerful
  •        Temperatures that can reach up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit
  •        Long hoses

Having the advantage of reaching higher temperatures will cut your cleaning time in half. Get rid of the toughest grease and oil deposits. High temperatures make it ideal for working with snow and ice on roof tops. You need to have a Pressure washer with steam that offers temperature controls so you can use colder water to clean dirt that doesn’t require that much heat. When cleaning larger areas. It’s also helpful, to have long hoses, particularly when cleaning areas like commercial buildings.  When you purchase the Pressure washer with steam cleaner like the one mentioned above you’ll receive:

  •        3’ Wand with quick connect 1
  •        Nozzles blast that has  0º 15º 25º  and 40º (Blast power)
  •          25’ High pressure wand

Get the advantage of what a pressure washer with steam cleaner can provide when you purchase or lease the one like the SUPER MAX 6000 ® Commercial / Industrial Grade.

Steam pressure washer taken to a whole new level

What makes our steam pressure washer the best is the fact that we are an American based company that takes pride in the products we produce. With every machine you receive you’ll get an iron clad warranty on the durability and effectiveness of the cleaning it provides. One of the durable and effective machines to clean with is our Super Max™ 7000 wet steam pressure cleaner. This machine also runs on electricity and propane.

With the Super Max™ 7000 wet steam pressure cleaner you’ll be able to clean with minimal water but guarantees a faster cleaning performance. This machine is ran by electricity and heated with propane. You are allowed to use this machine, indoor and outdoor as it is environmentally safe. It offers a PSI level of 1000 and a flow rate of 2.5 GPM. The steam temperatures reach the highest in the industry of well over330°F. The Super Max™ 7000 wet steam pressure cleaner is powerful enough to take on any job commercial or residential. This steam pressure washer holds up to 4.5 gallons of cleaning product and will leave any work surface looking amazing quickly and effortlessly without the need to keep refilling the tank.

Having a professional steam pressure cleaner like the one mentioned above will give you the most powerful and reliable steam pressure cleaner designed with the most up to date technology. So, when you are looking for a machine that is taking steampressure washer cleaning to a whole new level check out the machines offered at today

The toughest oil and baked on grime needs the power of a hotwater steam pressure washer

When you’re dealing with tough oil and baked on grime don’t waste your time spending all day cleaning. You need the power that a hot water, steam pressure washer will bring, but not just any hot water pressure cleaner. You want one that was built strong enough and last long enough to give you the dependability you deserve. The last thing you need to happen when you are out on a job is to have an equipment failure. That’s not going to happen as long as you are using the machine built by Daimer. All the power washer machines built by Daimer are machined to take on any type of problem area without worry of letting you down. From residential to commercial grade we have all machines you’ll need to get the job done right and easily.Visit the website today and get started with the help of one of thehot water steam pressure washers today! 

Post by pressurewasherforcar (2015-09-15 05:21)

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